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Despite the progress we’ve made so far, your continued support is sorely needed to ensure that we can continue to bring hope to people in need, and today you can support us in more diverse ways than ever. 


BOUT believes in the communal approach, with lots of people contributing a little bit each - we can go a long way in providing tools and assistance to enable people to build their own lives.


Have a look through the links below to view the different ways you can get involved with our work, whether it be through a financial or material donation, fundraising or volunteering, you can choose a way which suits your means.


Thank you for your support.

Featured Projects

Here's what we're up to right now...

Young Stars Football Club

Port Harcourt & Okrika RS, Nigeria

Skills Acquisition Project (SAP)

Livingstone, Zambia

Mission Medic Air (MMA)


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