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Quiz Night Fundraiser

Quiz Nights are yet another excellent way to raise money for a charitable cause, because there’s nothing like a little friendly competition to stimulate the mental faculties, and you’ll be surprised at the amount of people who have been secretly waiting for the chance to display the magnitude of their brainpower but just haven’t had the right opportunity, and you’ll do them a great favour by providing them with one!

Finding a venue is the first step and you will need to have the following things in mind before you decide on your venue of choice.


  • How many people do you think will attend: This will help determine what size of venue you're going to need.

  • What kind of facilities will you require: For example if you’re planning to involve the use of a projector screen in your quiz, you’ll need to take into account whether your proposed venue will have one available for you to use.

  • Venue Pricing: Best case scenario, you’re able to find a venue that will allow you to host a quiz night for free, for example the majority of pubs will likely allow you to use their premises free of charge, as you’ll be bringing lots of potential customers. The mental toll of a quiz night on the body’s digestive system can not be underestimated!

  • Time: How much time you’ll need to conduct your event will also have a bearing on what venues you can pick from, as some venues will have busy schedules.


Creating the quiz itself is an extremely fun aspect of this particular fundraiser, & there some things to think about before compiling your quiz, such as the number of categories, the amount of questions per category and also if you’d like to include a an extra question for the potential eventuality of a tie-breaker or a chance for the losing team(s) at the end of the night to win, also if your choice of venue has the appropriate facilities, you could consider the inclusion of an audio or picture round!


Typically in a Quiz Night Fundraiser, money is raised through the tickets that are sold for the event as each person or

team pays a fee to enter, but here are some fun things you can incorporate in your own Quiz Night to help raise more for your chosen charitable cause:


  • Conduct a mid-quiz Raffle for a special prize & sell the tickets.

  • Selling Answers to Quiz Questions or alternatively second chances to answer quiz questions

  • Selling food/drink if the venue (i.e bar) is not already providing these. (Note that you may need licenses


Yet again promotion is the key to success, so make sure you utilise all the tools at your disposal to spread the word: Social media, friends, family, word of mouth, Posters, Ads, mailing lists & websites, all of the aforementioned will help draw more attention and attract a bigger audience to your quiz night! Happy Fundraising!

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