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Other Work

Kenya, Moldova & Ukraine

You can also engage in a number of different activities to help raise money for our work, and it doesn't have to be just you, you can get your friends and family onboard to help too! 


Read the account below from one of our fundraisers Vit, to find out just how inspiring 

Adult Club

About a year later and in a somewhat similar fashion, a casual conversation with a young man revealed that he was desperately wanting to get to Europe to play for any club that would have him.   His attempts to get a visa failed.  I asked him if he played for a club in Nigeria?  “No” he said.  After some exploration as to the possibilities he had a ‘eureka’ moment.  I know a very good coach he said. I said can you get him,


can you put a team together?  His eyes shone, he panted and he was off.  A few hours later he showed up with Blessing ….. (aka Coach) showed up. 


Coach scheduled a game on Refinery grounds.  Amaka Daniel and I went to watch under the rain.  They started a journey that saw them playing for the Local Government, etc. These two clubs were already in the communities.  All they needed was some encouragement.  They have done the work themselves and they have not looked back.  


These clubs have two fantastic coaches that have achieved so much with so little.  We shall be hearing from in our next update.  See our blogpost and gallery below:

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