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Our goal is for our charitable projects to become

self-sustaining in order to extend the life of th help that is given, encouraging self-reliance and continuity.



Port Harcourt

Sadly, we had to shut down Port Harcourt as an Test and Training centre last year.


This centre started work training sponsored groups and individuals in ICT in 2011 on premises provided rent free by Madam Rhoda Ogan.  In addition to computer literacy training, teacher training in the use of Computers to deliver their lessons, we provide internet services, typing and office support services to the public.

We expect to add Coding to our training services to individuals and schools very shortly.


Through an affiliate programme we are able to expand beyond our areas of expertise to include Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and Autism Awareness training for teachers.

Other services

We have had 2 family funfairs and community activities which were very well attended and supported.   


Okrika Staff