Extending Our Reach

After nearly 2 years of communications and patience on the part of Moses Chibanda

of Welfare Concern International Zambia (WCI), BOUT has established a partnership

with WCI to establish and run its Skills Acquisition Project in Livingston, Zambia


Some land has been donated to WCI by the community in the peri-urban area of Livingstone which has been cleared and a start has been made on Horticultural skills. Thrive of the Royal Horticultural Society has agreed to help and  a modus vivendi is being worked out.  We will expand into other skills which are in demand when we have the funds.

In brief the vision is to equip men and women to have a higher standard of skill which can either lead to regular employment or enable him or her to be self employed. We look forward to carrying out effective work with this group.  We shall be bringing you news of the progress of the Skills Acquisition Project in Livingstone.

Geoffrey Care


Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park 10km run




Running for the good cause!


I've been an active guy enjoying various sports activities but the health problems put my hobbies on stop. I had been diagnosed with pre-mature arthritis at the age of 32 and consequently underwent two surgeries this year with the aim to stop or delay further development of the arthritis.

But thanks to the professional team in Circle Reading hospital my recovery is going well

and I was recently allowed to start running again.

It took just a couple of days and I've decided to sign up for 10k race in Queen Elisabeth Olympic park in London on 1st October and shared the enthusiasm with others; we now currently have a team of seven runners and I believe the team is going to get bigger yet.

We all have different levels of fitness but we share the passion to do something good, so we've teamed up with Bressay Outreach, a Scottish registered charity, that provides training and education for the young - at the moment they are working in a rural area of Nigeria. The next big project is building a Skills Training Centre in Zambia (in cooperation with a locally based charity Welfare Concern International, which already has a healthy track record) to equip the young and the unemployed to be self-employed at a time where regular paid employment is very hard to get.


Vit Javorik

The run raised a springy £256.  

Many Thanks Team!


Livingstone, Zambia

Below is a sampling of the sort of work WCI is engaged in.  It has worked hard in providing micro-finance in a revolving loan to help establish new businesses and advance underfunded ones.

Our Tribute


Those of you who have read the first two (and only) editions of our production Livingwell Magazine will recall the first two parts of our serialised account by Brian Gresty of his trip, along with Geoff Care, in 1961 from Ndola in Zambia to Tanzania and up Kilimanjaro.

At the time Brian, his wife Mary, their son and daughter were living in Ndola, Zambia.  Many years later when we decided to launch the magazine we wished to publicise a fascinating and well written account by Brian of this expedition. Sadly by then Brian had died but Mary readily agreed to its publication and supplied us with the excellent photographs to illustrate it.

We were fortunate in having Mary’s complete support all along and never a complaint that we have not finished as the publishers’ of the magazine ceased operations.

We will finish it  but Mary will not see this as she so tragically died just before Christmas.

Their daughter Kathy however should know our debt to her parents and we pay tribute and celebrate the Gresty Family.