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Bressay Outreach (also known as BOUT) is a Christian charity established in 2004 and registered in Scotland.
Our aims are:


To address poverty and disease giving assistance to the physically challenged


Provide assistance for the disadvantaged


To advance education of the young, mainly in Africa


To be a conduit that connects people in need to the help they require


To give support to other small charities who may be more hands-on in times of crisis.

About Us

What Makes Us Unique?

Our approach as a charity is best summarised by the 5 key watchwords below, click on each one to find out more:
What Makes Us Unique

One of our core strengths is found in the ability to facilitate solutions to the needs that present themselves, making the process for progress easier in a variety of ways, so whatever the obstacle might be, we can help to make a breakthrough happen.

Wherever we are, you can be assured that we are hands on and providing assistance in response to actual needs. One of our primary conditions for any assistance is to ensure that we have reliable partners on the ground who can monitor progress and provide reliable feedback, ensuring that work is being done.

Lots of great charitable work by various individuals and partnerships across the world is flying under the radar because of a lack of publicity and we don’t want this to go unnoticed. Highlighting such work is something we feel is our duty and by utilising digital mediums such as our website & social feeds we aim to promote the work of both pre-existing and newly emerging initiatives and the people behind them.

We believe in the spirit of community and any discussions or ideas of common interest are most welcome, Keep up with our blog for fresh insights into a variety of topics around our work and the areas we work in, or contact us if you would like to share thoughts/get involved.

We recognise that every project we undertake is unique in its own way, so we do not rush in with any preconceived notions, but first we assess each project and devise a specialised plan around it to ensure we can achieve targets and goals in a way that effectively suits the situation. Sustainability, self-reliance and continuity are the key facets of every plan we create so that projects can continue to be effective long after our involvement.

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Our Work

Our Work

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Bressay Outreach (BOUT)

Filey, North Yorkshire,

​Tel: (+44) (0)1723447358

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